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Next Ride-

 Tuesday, April 8th

from Food Lion Parking lot on Mt. Pleasant Pike

@ 5:30 pm 

Call if you are joining us.

Missy and Jane

698-6078 cell

Spring 2008 is here!

Let the rides begin.

Anyone wanting to ride -- post an email or call. 

Most rides leave from Randolph Howell Elementary

As always call someone if you have said you are coming and end up canceling so we won't wait for you.

Since most of us haven't been out much we probably don't need to combine distance and hills for our first spring ride.

Pretty day--- let's ride!

We don't have a firm schedule since we still have many family activities to juggle but you can count on someone wanting to ride most weekends.  Check your email for updates. 

The most popular Sunday ride begins at 1:00 at Howell Elementary on Bear Creek Pike.

If you have children who are beginning to ride let us know. We would like to plan a family ride at the Park or other safe route.

HOW100 Riders-- Over 100,000 raised for Minne Pearl Breast Cancer Foundation!



Heavenly Hundred was a great ride!

Kudos to the CCC for organizing a great Heavenly Hundred.  If you missed it this year be sure to mark your calendar for the 2007 ride- the routes are beautiful and fully supported.

Some WOW riders provided support for the ride, some WOW riders actually rode the ride, and some like Tanya W. did both!!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this ride a success.



Missy, Tanya, Jane and Cathy @Campbellsville Rest Stop


Image       Image

Tina and Tonya keep things running smoothly behind the scenes at            "Home Base"




Cathy, Tanya & Missy looking great at the 1/2 way mark.



Available for Saturday or Sunday rides??-- let the WOW group know!

931 698-6078 or email - llajlajoa@bellsouth.net or the WOW distribution list.

The "Women on Wheels"

You can post an e-mail to the group at any time to organize a ride.  Use our group e-mail list to do this.  If you are interested in being added to the group e-mail list please contact us through this site.



"Women on Wheels" for lack of a better description is a group of women, girls, moms, etc. who enjoy cycling and don't want to ride alone.

 Our experience and skill levels are very diverse but most of the riders thus far are considered beginners or are relatively new to road biking.  The one thing that we all have in common is that we all agree cycling with others is much more fun and safer.

Our Mission:

To provide an opportunity to network with others who share the love of cycling.  To increase our knowledge, skills, and abilities in regard to cycling and bike safety.  To support the goal  "No Rider Left Behind"

which ensures that we always have someone to ride with as we explore the roads of Maury County and beyond. 

Please join us -- we are growing weekly and love to see new faces and bikes.

The WOW 


Keep Pedaling

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